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    Welcome to StatBank Denmark
    News in Statbank Denmark
    12.3 2020: Covid-19
    Statistics Denmark aims to maintain production and communication to the greatest extent possible. In the circumstances of COVID-19, however, we are unable to guarantee observance of the announced releases of newsletters (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik), Statbank Denmark tables and other publications. We hope our users will understand the situation.
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    Latest releases

    BROX1: Road traffic on the bridges of Storebælt and Øresund (experimental statistics) by bridge and type of vehicle
    DNPRND: The banks' and the mortgage-credit institutes' accounts (net position) with the Nationalbank
    DNRENTD: Danmarks Nationalbank's official interest rates and money and capital market interest rates by item, country and methodology (daily observations)
    DNVALD: Daily exchange rates by currency and type
    FLYX1: Departures/arrivals of flights in Copenhagen Airport (experimental statistics) by type og flight and direction
    FORV1: Consumer confidence indicator by indicator
    FORV2: Plans for major investments by indicator
    METROX1: Workday passenger index in the Copenhagen Metro (experimental statistics) (avg. week 8 and 9 in 2020=100) by seasonal adjustment
    REGK100: Municipal accounts by groupings without text by region, function, dranst, ownership, grouping, kind and price unit
    REGK11: Municipal accounts by main accounts - by region, main account, dranst, kind and price unit
    REGK31: Municipal accounts by functions - by region, function, dranst, kind and price unit
    REGKC: Municipal accounts, groupings with text - by region, dranst, function and grouping, ownership, kind and price unit
    REGR11: Region accounts by region, main account, dranst and kind
    REGR31: Region accounts by region, account, dranst and kind
    REGR55: Region accounts by county council district, main account, authorized group and kind
    SMIT1: COVID-19 spread of infection per day (eksperimentel statistik) by key figures
    SMIT2: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day (eksperimentel statistik) by key figures and age
    SMIT3: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day (experimental statistics) by key figures and part of the country
    SMIT4: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day (eksperimentel statistik) by key figures and municipality
    STRAF10: Reported criminal offences by type of offence

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